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Bake4Lov Ltd is based in Oldbury, United Kingdom. Our company specialises in desserts which are 100% Plant-Based. These desserts can be Gluten-free and Sugar-Free as well. These unique creations are characterised by their high level of precision, experience and creativity. Our goal is to provide a winning combination of taste, appearance and quality desserts and excellent customer service. Our logo represents the Chia plant and all the health benefits that comes with it. Bake4Lov Ltd aim to provide desserts that are suitable for every individual who don’t have to worry about their special dietary needs. We also travels around England and provides desserts at the markets’ stall, we hope to continue to create different types of desserts and flavours to meet every customers’ dream.

Are you hungry? We are here to feed you! Are you stressed? Stressed spelt backwards is Desserts… Coincidence? I think not. Last minute order? No problem! We are proud to serve our customers! If you have a friend, partner or family who lives in West Midlands zone. We are able to deliver your order to their doors or to your door.

We cater for small groups to large functions. We aim to create a memorable and enjoyable moment with sweet treats that everyone can enjoy.

Products and Services

If you are ready to order or want to know if we can bake something particular. Or you may have a question about one of our products? A suggestion for something we could make? We would love to hear from you. Scroll down for our contact details.

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Email: contact@bake4lov.com