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We are only able to send samples to businesses who are seeking to stock our (Bake4Lov Ltd) cakes to their store(s).

Yes we do, check out our (Bake4Lov Ltd) Free From Gluten section on our website – Gluten Free Cakes

Of course, you can either place an order on our website or give us a message and see how we can help fulfil your future orders.

All of our (Bake4Lov Ltd) cakes and desserts are 100% plant-based which is vegan-friendly. We do not use any of animal products on our products and any of future orders.

The basket minimum spend for Bake4Lov Limited wholesale cakes and dessert is £75.00.

For Baking Mixes, we recommend both storing and displaying baking mixes on a shelves or preferred location as along it is in a cool room temperature away from the sun.

For already baked cakes, ensure your cakes are to be kept in the freezer until you are ready to put the product on sale (up to 30 days). Once defrosted (up to 60 minutes), we recommend both storing and displaying cake in a chilled fridge at all times to ensure your product will not spoil. Please dispose the product after 7 days of defrosted date.

Unfortunately, due to your order was packed correctly and received by yourself or your company as a sign of acceptance, the refund policy is no longer apply to your order. We (Bake4Lov Ltd) are not responsible for any product wastage, on your future orders please store your products responsibly and we recommend you consider stocking reasonable amount for your daily customers capacity.

Cakes are very fragile so freezing them would ensures they travel well, arriving in the condition that they left the bakery. Freezing also preserves the flavour and prolongs the shelf life without damaging the structure of the cake. Defrosting slices out of their packaging at room temperature, it takes up to 60 minutes to defrost. We can’t tell the difference between a cake that’s been frozen and one that hasn’t.

Pre-cut cakes and traybakes enables you the flexibility to defrost only the slices required to make your display, keeping the remainder frozen to avoid the wastage.

Talking about RRP for our (Bake4Lov Ltd) cakes, traybakes and baking mixes is a tricky situation. On each of the wholesale product, there is a RRP – however the decision is yours to make seeing from region to region, all the products price charge differently.

Our recommendation is get to know your customers and price the product until it seem right to you and your cusotmers.

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